The following pages contain everything you need to know about the EmberSwap suite of subgraphs. EmberSwap subgraphs are powered by The Graph, a protocol for building decentralized applications (dApps) quickly on EVM and IPFS using GraphQL.
If you are unfamiliar with GraphQL, we recommend taking a quick look through their docs first here.
The EmberSwap subgraph works by listening for events emitted by one or more data sources (Smart Contracts) on the various chains. It handles the indexing and caching of data which can later be queried using an exposed GraphQL API, providing an excellent developer experience.
Each subgraph is broken into its own section and documented in two forms: by entity and by queries.

Current Subgraph Locations


Includes all EmberSwap Exchange data with Price Data, Volume, Users, etc.


The subgraph provides a snapshot of the current state of EmberSwap and also tracks historical data. It is currently used to power EmberSwap Analytics. It is not intended to be used as a data source for structuring transactions (contracts should be referenced directly for the most reliable live data).


The Graph