EmberSwap launched with the following features in place:

  • Swap Function

  • Liquidity supply Farm (EMBER/FIRE)

  • Initial Website release

Phase 1

Expanding Team

Hiring additional developers and support staff, to guarantee quality and quicker turnaround time on future initiatives.


Allowing for EmberSwap and the Incinerate Protocol to be genuinely driven by the community, a governance system will be implemented.

Additional Milestones:

  • Locker feature launched

  • Vault feature launched

  • Website adjustment and stability improvements overall

  • Security audit initiated with CertiK

  • Emission adjustments

  • Allocation adjustments

Phase 2

Integrate Analytics

Integrate and add Analytics to the EmberSwap Interface.

Automate Distribution to $FIRE Holders

By automating the distribution, we will be one step closer to full decentralization. Currently the distribution towards $FIRE holders is distributed monthly and can be verified here.


Contact have been made to get security audits by CertiK but we have never gotten any answers, therefore we have decided for a proposal in the future on who should be auditing us when the DEX liquidity stabilizes.

Phase 3

Aggregation across smartBCH

Adding aggregation across DEXes on smartBCH will help us bring more users to the ecosystem.

Lending Protocol

Integrating lending designed with a collateralized debt position (CDP) model as requested by the community (ref: Add lending protocol to development roadmap).

Phase 4

Additional Use Cases

There will constantly be development for additional use cases. The community will most likely decide what route we should go and what use cases we should prioritize.

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