How to vote on a proposal?

Simply navigate to EmberSwap, click on Governance and view the open proposals. Clicking on them will show more of the proposal, and clicking "View proposal details" will show the full information. It is recommended to join Discord or Telegram and take part in the relevant discussions about proposal various proposals. Please only vote if you are informed on the topic.

The Ember you held or had locked in the Vault at the snapshot block will count for your vote weight. Currently, single choice voting is the only type supported

Proposal Format

PROPOSAL: [Your proposal title here]

Write a longer description here, including the following (if relevant):
* economic impact
* impact on users
* expected positive impact
* known potential negatives or downsides
* unknown impacts or aspects

- [Option #1]
- [Option #2]
- [...]

Adding a proposal

To make a proposal request, do one of following:

  • Open Pull Request on GitHub adding your proposal to the proposal folder according to the proposal schema.

  • Open Issue on GitHub adding your proposal according to the proposal schema.

  • Join Discord or Telegram and request @bchpete to add your proposal.

How are proposals decided upon?

At first, the proposal needs to run for at least 1 week.

At second a quorum of at least 30% of EMBER total supply must have voted on the proposal.

If this criteria is not met the vote is declared undecided and may be retried in the future.

Then, if quorum is reached, the majority voted upon option is selected as winner.

@bchpete has technical veto power as the owner of the dApp, however this power should only be used in the most extreme circumstance, and in future the tool will become fully decentralized.


Note opening a PR does not guarantee addition to publicly listed proposals. We do not review proposal requests in any particular order, and we do not guarantee that we will review your proposal request to add the proposal.

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