💎Token Listing

Add to community token list


  • Fork this repo

    gh repo clone emberswap/emberswap-tokenlist
  • Create a folder under assets/smartbch/{tokenAddress}

  • Add token's icon (logo.png) under the folder created in the previous step

  • Add token's info in the community.tokenlist.json file, in this format:

        "name": [token_name],
        "address": [token_address],
        "symbol": [token_symbol],
        "decimals": [token_decimals],
        "chainId": 10000,
        "logoURI": "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/emberswap/emberswap-tokenlist/main/assets/smartbch/{token_address}/logo.png"
  • Make a Pull Request to this repo including all of the above.

More info about pull requests:

Add to main token list

Join the #listing-requests group on Discord and discuss with admins there. Please be prepared to provide all information about your project. Please ensure your token has significant trading and liquidity before requesting.

To become a Farmable Token

To become a farmable token you have two choices at the current moment.

  1. Be in the top three of most liquid pairs on marketcap.cash

  2. Get voted in as a boosted farm by the community

Proposal for farm allocations was implemented 21/05/2022 and can be viewed here

Proposal for boosts was implemented 22/04/2022 and can be viewed here

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